Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How does this quote reflects about myself...?

-Ability is nothing without opportunity-

Once in a while, people faces a great chance, a great moment when they can express all their ability to be shine. Ability is what you have inside of you, what yourself is really mean. Everyone has their own unique ability which is always waiting to be shined, and this is the quote telling us that every people's ability is accepted trough chance and moments you will face trough lifetime.

I personally thinks that even myself had faces chance where i could express all of my extra-ordinary abilities to be accepted and to be shine.

I think this quote reflects me directly. As I'm the person who is seeking for chances but waiting for chance, I don't really participate in every such things. But whenever I grap the chances, I take all my standards to throw out understandable and acceptable accomplishment.


  1. Very optimistic and inspirational, Paul. You have grasped a chance to express yourself here. Well done. I like your choice of quote and the image and you made a good start explaining your reasoning to me. I would have liked to have learnt more from you. There is some evidence of creative thinking here and you should try to develop that for the next posting. Make sure that you write your entries in word first and then move them across onto the blog, this way fewer errors will be published.

  2. hope one finds you soon mate, and you keep an eye open aswell. you sound like a very talented young man

  3. Ability is greatly hampered by lack of opportunity, but to call it nothing is simply to not have an application for it today. Maybe you can jump really high and can dunk a basketball. If you live outside the US, this ability doesn't get you much...unless jumping high helps you do something besides play American basketball. If jumping high lets you catch a food animal easier or allows you to harvest food better in some way, this newly applied ability changes from "nothing" to something quite useful.

  4. You're english is absolutely horrible.